Friday, April 15, 2011

New Strategic Alliance with Tom Kent Radio Network

I'm pleased to announce a new stratetic alliance with the Tom Kent Radio Network.  I've long-admired Tom for his forward-looking vision and commitment to making great music radio content available to more and more broadcasters.  We're working on some cool things and each of our passion and vision to topical, relevant and entertaining content makes this a fabulous match. 

From Tom Kent's press release:

TKRN President/CEO TOM KENT said, "I've had the pleasure of knowing Mr. DULING for a number of years. His expertise in research and programming development along with his vision for our business are exceptional. His extensive experience in multiple formats make him the perfect person to help guide us into the future."

DULING said, "What a pleasure it will be to work with TOM KENT, whose not only one of the truly great personalities in our industry but has built an amazing radio network that has the industry abuzz! Our shared enthusiasm for making great radio is a match made in heaven."

Monday, April 11, 2011


A few cool updates from Vegas that caught my eye today, along with some brief observations.

CBS Radio President Dan Mason tells this morning’s RAIN Summit “I have a much clearer understanding about where radio fits” in the media landscape than 3-4 years ago, and he says with various media “in tandem, you get much more media usage” overall. His biggest frustration is “educating and bringing along our own people” to learn that lesson.

My two cents:   His last observation is (or should be) a bit scary, in that many in our industry still don't get that we're no longer just big sticks in open fields on FM or AM.  Content is still king, regardless of delivery method, and the better the content, the better it's shared with your audience will separate contenders from pretenders.  If you (as a Programmer or an on-air talent) are still on that "all that really matters is what comes out of the speakers" thing, I hope you also understand those speakers could be on a PC, laptop or in ear buds.  If not, you're allowing your competitor to be more available and more engaged with your potential audience.

Kurt Hanson's Tweet from earlier today:  It's likely that internet radio now accounts for 6-7% of all radio listening; Pandora at nearly 3% on its own.

My .02:  Kind of puts where many think we are into perspective, doesn't it?  If you think this isn't a big deal, please think about how much of that 6-7% you'd like to add to your current shares.

Fred Jacobs/Jacobs Media:  89 million listened to online radio last month; 57 million last week. Weekly online radio audience doubles every five years.

My .02:  For those who still believe the digital threat is still far down the road, it's probably a good time to ask how much T.L.C. you're putting into your radio station's live stream and how much you're interacting with them.  To put this all into perspective, please keep in mind Facebook had 100 million users in August of 2008 and by January of this year was up to 600 million. 

Paul Krasinski, Arbitron SVP of Digital Media and Analytic:  Fastest growing demo in social media? 35-54s rule (young people are already there).   

My .02:   If you have an upper end programmed adult station and have always thought Facebook is just for kids, please remember what was the original social network:  radio.  Growing up, your audience got the first buzz on nearly everything from their favorite Top 40 station.  Your listeners are already there-are you?

More from Paul Krasinski:  Smartphone ownership has doubled in last year. Half of 18-34s do. And, six in ten favor smartphone over T.V.

My .02:  I hope you have an app for them.

And, this shared by Lori Lewis, the new Digital & Media Strategist at Jacobs Media: 

I posted these nuggets to help understand that the technology available to us is growing at an accelerated pace.  For those still trying to wrap your arms around all of it, I'll ask a simple question:  do you want to be part of where radio/content delivery is going or get left behind hanging on to where radio's been?

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